Donald Trump meets Barack Obama: Republican arrives at White House for talks with president

The president-elect is dicussing the transition to his administration

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Donald Trump has arrived in Washington.

The president-elect has flew to the nation’s capital for a meeting with a man whose integrity and legitimacy he has sought to undermine for the past decade.

Mr Trump travelled to Washington from New York on Thursday for a first meeting with President Barack Obama to discuss the transition process.

This is a tradition for every new leader, and each department of the government has established so-called “landing teams”. These will work with members of Mr Trump’s team, headed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, as they prepare for the New Yorkers to take office on January 20 2017.

But the relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Obama is very strained. The businessman was the force behind the so-called birther movement, and he claimed that Mr Trump was not born in the US and was therefore not legally permitted to be president.

He continued to do so after Mr Obama produced his birth certificate, showing that he was born in Hawaii in 1961. It was only in September that Mr Trump, said: “President Barack Obama was born in the United States.”

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