Majority of Americans want Donald Trump to stop tweeting, poll finds

59 per cent of voters want to see President-elect delete account for good

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American voters believe Donald Trump should stop tweeting for good by deleting his personal account, according to a new nationwide poll

The Quinnipiac University survey found while 59 per cent of voters feel “optimistic” under a Trump administration, 59 per cent also want to see the President-elect close his social media account on Twitter - historically his platform of choice to criticise his opponents. 

The Republican leader has become renowned for his Twitter tirades since joining the site in 2009. He currently has 15.9m followers. 

Last week, Mr Trump was heavily criticised for his attack on the Broadway cast of Hamilton after they singled out Vice-president Mike Pence who was sat in the audience, calling on his administration to “protect” the “diverse America”.

Social media users seem to corroborate the poll, with many keen to see Mr Trump embody the spirit of presidency, and cut back on his Twitter “rants".

Shortly after Mr Trump's election victory on 8 November, he gave his first presidential interview on CBS's 60 Minutes program in which he vowed to take a more "restrained" approach to his social media activities.

He said: “I'm going to be very restrained, if I use it at all, I'm going to be very restrained.”

During the interview, Mr Trump went on to applaud social media as his "method of fighting back" against negative coverage in the media and hailed Twitter’s ability to propel his message to millions of users. 

The poll of 1,071 voters, surveyed between 17 November and 20 November, found 32 per cent said Mr Trump would be a “good president”, while 26 per cent said he is likely to be “bad”.

52 per cent also thought his policies would help the nation’s economy, while 40 per cent said they believe his policies will help their personal financial situation.