Hillary Clinton spent almost $2,000 at Dunkin’ Donuts last year

Her campaign expenses show that Ms Clinton enjoys a sugary treat, while Donald Trump’s sweet tooth is questionable as he spent just $10


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Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton may not have beaten Bernie Sanders at the New Hampshire primary, but she has won the Dunkin' Donuts race, racking up almost $2,000 at the donut joint last year.

Her sugary treat expenses amounted to $1,866 in 2015, as reported by Boston.com. The bill was mostly hiked up due to two large expenses of $341 in Des Moines, Iowa in June and two purchases worth $292 in Rochester, New Hampshire in September.

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah said: “She hasn’t seen that much dough since her last speech to Goldman Sachs."

Documents from the Federal Election Commission revealed that her next closest competitor in the race, Republican Jeb Bush, spent just $402 at the chain.

Bernie Sanders, usually heralded as very sensible with his cash, spent a reasonable $238 over the same timeframe. 

It is questionable whether Donald Trump has a sweet tooth as he spent only $10 on a single trip to the store in Manchester in early December.

The presidential candidates painted a different picture when it came to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts’ closest rival.

Republican Marco Rubio doled out close to $400 over 51 trips, while his rival Ted Cruz also frequented the chain and spent almost $200.

The pizza numbers show that Ms Clinton must be hungry. The candidate spent $9,046 on pizza last year, almost three times as much as Senator Sanders, as reported by Gawker.