Marco Rubio wins Puerto Rico primary

The Florida senator was the only GOP candidate to campaign in the US territory

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Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico primary.

The Florida senator received 71 per cent of votes in the US territory, the Associated Press reports, marking his second win following his first victory in Minnesota on Super Tuesday.

“The numbers are overwhelming,” Jennifer Gonzalez, chairwoman of Puerto Rico's Republican Party, told the news agency. “This primary in Puerto Rico... will demonstrate that the Hispanic vote is important.”

As Rubio managed to gain more than 50 per cent of the vote, he takes home all 23 delegates from Puerto Rico.

His rivals Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had previously called on Rubio to drop out of the four-man GOP race after poor showings in prior contests. Trump leads Republicans with 384 delegates, Cruz holds 300 and Rubio now holds 151 delegates.

Rubio was the only Republican candidate to campaign in Puerto Rico as voters in the territory are not eligible to vote in presidential elections. They do, however, participate in each party’s nominating process.

The Rubio campaign now hopes that the Hispanic vote will translate into a win in his home state as the Florida primary is set to begin March 15.

Rubio still trails badly in the delegate count. Trump has 384 delegates, Cruz has 300 and Rubio has 151 delegates.