Top South Carolina Democrat Jim Clyburn endorses Hillary Clinton

'I'm for Hillary, I think Hillary's the best choice'

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South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, just over a week before the state's upcoming primary.

"I believe the future of the Democratic Party and the United States will be best served by the expertise and know how of Hillary Clinton," Mr Clyburn said at a press conference at Allen University on Friday.

Mr Clyburn, the highest ranking African-American in office, said that Ms Clinton is the "best choice to conquer” the most important issues facing the black community including reforming the criminal justice system, restoring the Voting Rights Act and investing in historically black colleges.

“I'm for Hillary. I think Hillary's the best choice. But whoever you are for, you go out. You work for that candidate. And you vote,” he said. “I don't have any problem with anybody who is out working for Bernie Sanders."

Later, Ms Clinton said she was "incredibly honored" by the endorsement.

“I am incredibly honored to have earned the endorsement of South Carolina's Congressman Jim Clyburn, a lifelong progressive champion of affordable health care, educational opportunity, and civil rights. I'm very grateful also to his wonderful wife, Emily. The Congressman is committed to making real change for working people in South Carolina and across the country—and is as creative a legislator as he is tenacious," she said in a statement.

"Congressman Clyburn knows we need to break down every barrier holding Americans back—because America can't live up to its full potential until we make sure every American has a chance to live up to theirs.”