US Election Diary: TV preacher blames Sandy on gay rights


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Who's to blame for Hurricane Sandy? Why, Obama and Romney, of course! So says the TV evangelist John McTernan, who calls the storm God's response to the fact that "both candidates are pro-homosexual and behind the homosexual agenda". It's difficult to know what's weirder: his understanding of meteorology, or his grasp of the Romney-Ryan social platform.

Trumped on Twitter

Donald Trump hasn't let a disaster go to waste. On Twitter yesterday, the tangerine-faced entrepreneur announced that, due to Sandy, he was "extending" last week's offer to pay $5m for a copy of Obama's passport application. Sample response Tweet from a New Yorker: "I am extending my fist into your face, d***wad."

TV ad was a Jeep shot

In a "closing argument" to voters in Ohio, Romney has released a campaign video suggesting that Chrysler is about to move Jeep production from the US to China. The problem? Chrysler has no such plans. As well a formal rebuttal from the car maker, the advert was given a "pants on fire" rating by Politifact, and a "Four Pinocchios" rating by the Washington Post.

Tactical compliments

Chris Christie, the GOP Governor of New Jersey, when asked yesterday if Romney was coming to visit his flooded state: "I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I have a job to do in New Jersey that is much bigger than Presidential politics."

On Monday, Christie called Obama's disaster-response efforts "wonderful", "outstanding" and "excellent". Cynics might note that a Romney defeat next Tuesday would increase Christie's chances of gaining entry to the White House in 2016.