US gun-safety instructor shoots a student during demonstration


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A gun instructor in Ohio accidentally shot a student whilst leading a class for people seeking permits to legally hold a concealed firearm.

73-year-old Terry Dunlap was demonstrating with a 38 calibre pistol when it went off and shot Michael Piemonte, 26.

He and his wife were attending the all day class on how to carry guns for their own safety, he reportedly told local media.

All 50 states allow residents to obtain a firearm permit though training and other requirements will differ depending on states.

"It took me a couple of seconds to realise that I had been shot," Mr Piemonte told CNN.

"I'm just glad my wife did not get shot".

Mr Piemonte sustained minor injuries and was treated in hospital, before being released on the same day.

Ohio state law dictates that residents seeking a concealed weapons permit must take an approved safety course or provide evidence of immediate danger. 

The police have ruled the shooting an accident and Mr Dunlap has not been charged.