US man charge with murder after disembowelling woman for 'uttering wrong name during sex'

Fidel Lopez is facing a murder charge after police found Maria Nemeth dead in a Florida apartment

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A man has been charged with first degree murder after telling police he disembowelled his girlfriend.

It has been reported that 24-year-old Fidel Lopez became angry when his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, allegedly said her ex-husband’s name while the pair were having sex in a closet in an apartment in Sunrise, Florida.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Lopez called the emergency services and said Ms Nemeth, 31, was having trouble breathing, CBS Miami reported. The pair had lived together for around a week.

Police and paramedics arrived to find Ms Nemeth in a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. They pronounced her dead at the scene.

Officers also found bloody tissue inside a closet and half a bottle of tequila in the kitchen.

Lopez initially told police that Ms Nemeth had been drinking and went to the bathroom and vomited after the pair hand engaged in rough sex.

But Lopez changed his story upon further questioning.

According to a police report seen by NBC Miami, Lopez told officers he flew into a rage and broke objects around the apartment after Ms Nemeth allegedly said her ex-husband’s name during sex. 

Telling police he became a “monster”, Mr Lopez said he began to insert objects into Ms Nemeth, who was unconscious, and ripped out some of her intestinal tissue.

After failing to revive his girlfriend by splashing water on her face, he called the emergency services.

Lopez is facing a first-degree murder charge and will not be released on bail.

Neighbour Dan Carter said Ms Nemeth was a “very gentle, very private” person.