US Marine dead and 18 injured after vehicle rolls over during training exercise at California base

The crash happened at Camp Pendleton Marine Base

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One US marine has died and 18 others have been injured after their vehicle rolled over during a training exercise in California.

The crash happened yesterday (September 10) at Camp Pendleton Marine Base, near the city of Oceanside in the southern part of the state.

The Associated Press news agency said the crash was a “single-vehicle rollover”, ABC News reported.

The marine who was killed is thought to be from the first marine division, he has not yet been named.

Bobette Brown, a spokesperson for the Palomar Medical Centre in the city of Escondido confirmed to AP that the hospital was treating several patients, however would not give any further details on their condition or say how many soldiers were being treated.

First Lieutenant Colleen McFadden said in a statement: “The command’s priorities are to take care of the Marines, Sailors and families of the unit. We want to ensure that Marines and their family members are being provided for during this difficult time.”

In November 2013, four marines were killed at Camp Pendleton while clearing explosives during a training routine.