US police hunt for man caught on video attempting to abduct two-year-old child

Video: The suspect dropped the young boy when approached by onlookers

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Police in Washington state are appealing for help from the public after an unidentified man allegedly tried to abduct a two-year-old child in the small town of Sprague.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, the suspect approached three children in the town's park at around midday on Sunday. He made small talk with the two elder individuals before suddenly grabbing the two-year-old boy from a pram and running down the road.

The other two children pursued the man, screaming, as he covered several blocks. The commotion caught the attention of some teenagers who began to approach the suspect. At that point, he put the young boy down and ran yet again, eventually escaping the scene despite being followed by onlookers.

On Tuesday, Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers said that the two-year-old was unharmed in the incident. Magers also told reporters that he did not believe the suspect was a resident of Sprague.


Police released CCTV of the suspect, although investigators said they wanted to obtain "better video".

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office appealed to the public to come forward if they had any information relating to the identity of the suspect or "who have a similar case or any other information regarding this incident".

The boy's father, Michael Wright, told KXLY-TV that he could not "explain the feeling, the anxiety and everything" that came with getting a phone call about someone trying to kidnap his son.

Police said the suspect is about 30 years old, just over 6ft, with a thin build, brown hair and a moustache.