Chelsea Clinton says she will not run for President against Donald Trump in 2020

She has extensive campaign experience, but the former first daughter rules herself out

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Chelsea Clinton has made clear she will not be running against Donald Trump in 2020, despite her growing presence and political activity on Twitter.

Speaking on the CBS "This Morning" programme, she said she was not the person to run for office against Mr Trump in 2020. 

As the daughter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, the world of politics would not be new to her.

But in another video interview with Variety for their “Power of Women” issue, she said “Hi, I'm Chelsea Clinton, and one thing you may not know about me is I am not running for public office. I mean, I just — no.” 

Ms Clinton, 37, went on the campaign trail hundreds of times while her mother ran for president in 2016. 

She has also been an open critic of Mr Trump and the Republican party on Twitter, much to the delight of her 1.6 million followers. CNN even labeled her voice as “sassy.”

However, she laughed at the thought of herself in the White House and called the constant rumours of her political aspirations “all rather hysterical.”

She expressed admiration for her local councilwoman in New York, her district’s members of Congress and Senators instead, adding that she obviously opposes Mr Trump but that she is not the right person to challenge him in an election. 

Ms Clinton gave a politician’s answer to Variety’s question about future runs for public office, beyond the 2020 election. “If someone steps down or something changes, I'll answer those questions at that time,” she said diplomatically.