Donald Trump greets governors to White House by welcoming them 'and their wives' despite four being female

One female governor describes president's remarks as 'weird'

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President Donald Trump welcomed the nation's governors to the White House by greeting their wives and daughters, even though four are female.

One female governor described the president's remarks as "weird".

Mr Trump welcomed the attendees to the Governors' Ball by saying: "I just want to salute and toast the great governors of the United States... your families and wives and everyone’s here.

"I've seen daughters come tonight, I’ve seen wives, all I know is everyone’s lovely and we're going to have a wonderful evening."

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There are currently four female governors serving in the US.

"He welcomed all the governors, their wives and their daughters last night,” Governor Kate Brown told The Huffington Post. "It was weird."

“It was just ― I’ve been there before,” the Oregon governor added. “I think people forget that there are female governors in the world.”

Other women governors include Susana Martinez (Maryland), Mary Fallin (Oklaholma) and Gina Raimondo (Rhode Island).

Ms Brown said she was unclear why Mr Trump only greeted the governor's daughters, speculating: "I did not meet any sons there?"