Paris agreement: Donald Trump faces rebel state governors vowing to continue climate change fight

'The White House’s reckless decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement has devastating repercussions not only for the US, but for our planet', says the New York governor

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Three US states are gearing up to combat climate change together in response to Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Washington, New York and California governors have announced their intention to form a United States Climate Alliance.

In a joint statement, Washington Governor Jay Inslee said: “I am proud to stand with other governors as we make sure that the inaction in DC is met by an equal force of action from the states.

"While the president’s actions are a shameful rebuke to the work needed to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren, states have been and will continue to step up."

New York governor Andrew Cuomo called Mr Trump’s decision “reckless”, insisting that the withdrawal will have “devastating repercussions” not only for the country, but the planet as well.

He said the state is "committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord" regardless of the White House' actions.

“We will not ignore the science and reality of climate change.”

The three liberal states represent some 68 million people, accounting for approximately 10 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

California governor Jerry Brown pointed out the US president’s previous comments about climate change being a “hoax” and said that if he is going to be “AWOL in this profoundly important endeavour, then California and other states will step up”.

The alliance intends to act as a “forum” to strengthen existing climate programmes, promote the sharing of information and best practices, and create new programmes to reduce carbon emissions from “all sectors of the economy”.