Women wore white to Donald Trump's first speech to congress, in honour of their white to vote.

Amid a hall packed out to hear the President's speech, a group of Democrats wore the colour in apparent protest at the Republican leader.

Some Democrats also wore blue ribbons for the American Civil Liberties Union. Others wore large blue buttons that included the hashtag "Protect Our Care", in support of President Barack Obama's health care law that Trump and some Republicans are calling for a revamp of. 

The heads of the Democratic Women's Working Group wrote a letter to their colleagues Monday reminding them to wear white to honor the suffrage movement and also to "stand in solidarity with the women of our nation." The politicians said that they were wearing the colour partly as a reference to the struggles of the suffragettes – but also in support of women's rights today and in the future.

As such, the women had intended it as a way of protesting Mr Trump "without waving signs", they said in interviews ahead of Mr Trump's speech.

Hillary Clinton was known for wearing white trouser suits at many of the most important moments of the Presidential election campaign. Ms Clinton's voters wore the same colour as they headed to the polls in November.