US soldier died 'in game of Russian roulette'

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A soldier asked for a bullet to put in a gun's empty cylinder before he fatally shot himself during a drunken game of Russian roulette, his friend told police.

Jacob Brouch is charged with second-degree murder and weapons misconduct in the death of 26-year-old Michael McCloskey following the shooting at Mr Brouch's home in a suburb of Anchorage, Alaska. Mr Brouch's wife and two children were in the home at the time.

Mr Brouch, 25, told police he was playing Russian roulette while Mr McCloskey watched. Mr McCloskey said he hated the game and would not play it, court papers say. But later the same day, Mr McCloskey asked to see the revolver again, Mr Brouch told police. The two exchanged a few words in a "Russian accent", according to Mr Brouch. Mr Brouch got out the revolver and emptied the cylinder, then handed it to Mr McCloskey, who spun the empty chamber.

Mr Brouch told police Mr McCloskey asked for a single round. The court documents say Mr Brouch had previously told responding officers that Mr McCloskey said he was going to "play a game" before he shot himself. Mr McCloskey spun the cylinder and then pulled the trigger, Mr Brouch told police.

"Brouch said he expected to hear a click but he heard a deafening bang because McCloskey had shot himself in the abdomen, losing the game of Russian roulette," the documents state.