US weather: Man snowboards across New York dragged by SUV


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For some, the heavy snowfall that has recently blighted the US has proved problematic, as roads become blocked, schools are closed and thousands remain without power. 

But for Casey Neistat, the weather provided the perfect conditions for him to snowboard through the city while being dragged along by an SUV.

Video footage filmed from inside the vehicle shows Neistat deftly gliding through the snow covered streets, before arriving at a court house on Center Street and snowboarding down the steps.

Nesitat has been directing and producing YouTube videos since 2010 and appeared in autobiographical HBO series the Nesitat Brothers.

He produced the 2011 YouTube video 'Bike Lanes', which saw Neistat ticketed for riding outside of a bike lane. He is later filmed riding in Manhattan's bike lanes, which are filled with vehicles, including a police car, and where he ends up in a collision.