Video: Bungling thief cries after being trapped and beaten by 'hero' bus driver

The would be thief was identified as Pablo, a notorious petty thief in the Chilean city of Concepcion

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One would-be thief was left in floods of tears, when an attempt to steal a woman’s handbag on a Chilean bus saw him trapped in the vehicle’s door and beaten repeatedly by the bus’ driver.

The bungling thief identified by Chilean police as Pablo, had two attempts at stealing a female passengers bag, before the quick-thinking bus driver slammed the door shut on the thief’s arm as he tried to flee the vehicle in the Chilean city of Concepcion on October 9.

With his arm trapped and nowhere to escape to, Pablo was trapped and defenceless as the “hero” bus driver reigned down blows with a baseball bat, while shouting in Spanish “I’m badder than you”.

Yet worse was to come for the now crying Pablo, when the bus driver had contacted police and arranged for them to arrest the thief at the next stop.

Video: Watch the 'hero' bus driver below

Pablo was immediately put in handcuffs, with the victim of the crime being taken to the local police station to make a statement.

It was later confirmed that Pablo was a notorious petty thief in Concepcion and had a long list of previous convictions including assault, theft and robbery.

Authorities have said that Pablo has now been remanded in custody and is currently waiting to be formally charged.

The video which was uploaded last week has been a massive hit with Youtube viewers – in more ways than one – with nearly half a million users viewing the video.