Video captures the moment New York residents took down a mugger


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A group of New Yorkers have been praised as Good Samaritans after they chased and apprehended a mugger.

Video footage of the incident shows how New York residents heroically came to the aid of a 36-year-old tourist after she was alleged robbed in the city on Wednesday night. The footage shows the bystanders apprehending a suspect and pinning him to the ground, with one straddling him to prevent his escape.

Jamie Cowgur, a tourist from Arizona who was visiting New York for a short trip, told DNAinfo that she was walking in the city when she suddenly felt a hand reaching into her back pocket.

When she confronted the mugger and grabbed his wrist, he attempted to wrench her backpack off her and threw her to the ground in the process.

She says she was then dragged along the street and her lip was split open. The man then made off with her wallet.

It was then that Cowgur says she saw a number of good Samaritans spring into action and come to her aid. They tackled the man and restrained him. He eventually managed to get free but was found by police two blocks away and arrested.

The woman has praised the bravery of the passers-by who intervened, telling DNAinfo: “So many people came to my aid. Civilians who I don’t know, police officers, men and women who came over asking if I was all right. “

She says that the incident has not put her off the city but endeared her to the Big Apple even more, adding: “It was pretty amazing. People were so warm. I still love New York. It’s a great place.”