Video: Dog resuscitated after being rescued from fire in Chile

The canine had a lucky escape after a fire crew stumbled across him

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It was smiles all around after fire fighters managed to resuscitate a dog found unconscious in a blazing block of flats in Santiago, Chile.

Emergency workers discovered the canine in one of the apartments while they were searching the burning building for other victims.

The dog had passed out due to smoke inhalation. He was quickly removed from the apartments before being successfully treated with an oxygen mask.

Extraordinary footage shows the pooch being revived at the scene.

Medics also tended the mild burns the dog had sustained during the fire.  

The fire is thought to have started at 4pm on Monday (21 July) in the old building in the capital city.

It took 10 fire crews to tackle the blaze and bring it under control, nearly two and a half hours after it broke out.

The dog has now been reunited with his owners and is said to be recovering well after the ordeal.