Video: Flash flood smashes through hospital

Watch the moment a flash flood smashes through a hospital cafeteria

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Most would see a hospital cafeteria as a welcome respite from the intensity and trauma of the rest of the building. 

However, at a Nebraska hospital last weekend, the cafeteria became the emergency room.

CCTV footage from the hospital shows a flash flood crashing through the room's glass doors, forcing a few individuals to quickly flee the area and watch from the stairs above.

The water gushes through the smashed floor-to-ceiling windows and picks up all in its path, sending tables and chairs swirling around.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the flooding.

Nine feet of water caved through windows and doors on the bottom floor of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, Nebraska last weekend following heavy rainfall on the Friday.

Kearney is 130 miles to the west of the Nebraskan capital, Lincoln, and the town saw over three inches of rain on Friday, with a further inch on Saturday. Most of the rain on Friday fell in just one hour.

Flash flooding did not just damage the hospital: it also overwhelmed the local sewer system as well as flooding many local businesses and properties.