Video: Groundhog bites US mayor during traditional forecast

Jimmy the groundhog was clearly not having the best day

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A US mayor got more than he bargained for after getting a little too close to his town’s official groundhog.

Jimmy, Sun Prairie’s official groundhog, traditionally gives the Mayor of the Wisconsin town his weather predictions during celebrations for Groundhog Day every year.

But this year, it seems Jimmy wasn’t in the best of moods.

Held up to Mayor Jonathan Freund’s face, Jimmy – instead of “whispering” the forecast – took a sizable bite into Mayor Freund’s face.

Fortunately the Wisconsin mayor appeared to be made of sterner stuff and although he flinched carried on with his forecast.

According to Jimmy, Wisconsin residents can expect an early spring.

Groundhog Day, which originated from Europe but was first documented in the US state of Pennsylvania, was celebrated yesterday.

Additional reporting by Associated Press