Video: High school student captures a frozen Lake Michigan in all of its icy glory

Tom Sadler only began filming with drones in December

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An American high school student has created a video that includes some of the most impressive images to come out of latest cold snap to hit the USA, by using a drone to capture a frozen Lake Michigan.

Tom Sadler, from Grand Haven, Illinois, began taking images of America’s third biggest lake at the beginning of January after it began freezing over at the start of January.

He then set about capturing the stunning scenery on Lake Michigan, with the DJI Phantom 2 drone he was given last year.

Most of the filming for the video which was uploaded onto YouTube on Sunday was carried out near Sadler’s home in Grand Haven.

If the images of the lake were not incredible enough, the fact that Sadler’s first attempt at filming with a drone was only on the 31 December makes his video even more impressive.

The state of Illinois has been battered with harsh weather this winter.

Since late December, towns and cities in the Midwestern state have been battered by ice and snow and regular temperatures below freezing.