Video: Man steals ambulance at knifepoint and crashes into fence

Kenneth Golightly is currently in custody for aggravated robbery

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A man in Texas has been arrested after he was caught stealing an ambulance at knifepoint, speeding along the streets of Fort Worth and then crashing into a fence.

Kenneth Golighty, 29, of Fort Worth, Texas was filmed driving the medical vehicle at speeds of up to 70 mph before losing control, crashing through a drainage ditch and hitting the fence.

In the footage from the ambulance’s camera, Golightly can be heard shouting as he travels along the roads in the early hours of Wednesday morning. According to police, two of the ambulance’s workers came across Golightly as they responded to a call last Wednesday.

Reports say that they initially ignored Golightly but he then pulled a knife out on the paramedics.

He then is said to have stolen the vehicle and driven away with the ambulance’s emergency lights switched on.

Following the crash, Golightly fled the vehicle on foot but was caught soon afterwards when a witness directed police officers to where he was hiding.

On Monday, Golightly remained in custody for aggravated robbery, with a bond set at $20,000 for his release.

MedStar, the company that owned the vehicle, said that the crash had left it unusable.