Video: New footage of plane debris from 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks released


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New images of debris from the 9/11 attacks have been released following the initial discovery made last week.

The video shows a plane part wedged in a narrow gap between a mosque and another building in lower Manhattan, New York.

The aircraft piece was initially thought to be part of the landing gear but has turned out to be a trailing edge flap which comes from underneath the wing. 

Boeing has said that it is confident that the debris comes from one of the planes involved in the attacks but explained they were still trying to determine which plane the piece came from.

Meanwhile New York police are working with medical examiners to analyse the soil and the surrounding area for further evidence.

The September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 left around 3,000 people dead and thousands more injured after two hijacked planes struck the World Trade Centre.

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