Video: Obama slings blazer over shoulder, takes 'springtime walk' among the normals

Sadly he didn't take Bo with him

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Barack Obama broke with tradition when heading over to the Department of the Interior this week to stroll around the park and shoot the breeze with regular Americans, who were only too happy to have their morning yoga interrupted by the President of the United State of America.

One can only imagine the awkwardness and horror that would ensue if David Cameron tried to do this, but ever the cool customer Obama of course pulled it off, chatting with joggers, checking in on food vendors and dishing out some White House-branded M&Ms to children.

This being 2014, most people he encountered went straight in for the selfie, with one young man literally sprinting over to the POTUS smartphone held aloft.

There have been more Obama-being-a-chilled-out-bro moments during his presidency than I can possibly recall by this point, but the best include him 'brushing the dirt off his shoulder' during a speech, breaking into some Al Green during another, and scoring a three-pointer on his first try on a basketball court.