Video of baby seeing parents clearly for first time goes viral

Short clip of Piper Verdusco has been viewed almost 30 million times

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A seriously visually impaired baby’s adorable reaction to seeing her parents clearly for the first time has gone viral, racking up almost 30 million views in a week.

Mother-of-two Jessica Sinclair, 26, posted a video of her daughter Piper Verdusco struggling with her new glasses – but after a moment she can finally see and her expression is ecstatic.

Mrs Sinclair, from Cincinnati in Ohio, commented on her Facebook video: “Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction melts my heart.”

The video has now been viewed more than 28 million times on Facebook, with thousands commenting and liking the short clip.

“It took me a lot to actually hold a tear in,” Piper’s father Andrew Verdusco told CNN.

Mrs Sinclair later replied to an online comment, “I was tearing up too. Just so happy for her.”

She also explained she and her husband took their daughter to a docter after they became concerned that she had not yet started crawling.

After examining her eyes, opticians concluded Ms Verdusco was extremely long-sighted – meaning she would have been unable to see anything nearby until the arrival of her pink glasses.