Video: Peru bullfight leaves 10 people injured

The bullfight was the last part of a yearly festival where people take on a bull to show their bravery

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At least 10 people have been injured after an annual bullfight in Peru went awry.

Chaos and panic broke out in the small, rural village in the Ayacucho region, when a drunken ring assistant reportedly let the bull off its safety rope, causing the animal to charge at spectators and amateur matadors.

The incident was caught on camera and shows locals screaming as they scramble to safety, one boy attempted to take on the bull before jumping onto a car to escape the animal.

Warning: Some readers may find the following footage upsetting

In the graphic footage, several people were gored at the event on Sunday but luckily members of the crowd quickly came to the aid those attacked by the bull.

After the animal was eventually captured, a group of people grabbed the drunken assistant and publicly whipped him as punishment for releasing the bull.

The bullfight was the final part of the annual Senor Espiritu Santo festival, which dates back to the 17 Century, and involves people taking on a bull to demonstrate their courage.