Video: Python pizza on the menu in Florida Everglades restaurant, and guess what? It 'tastes like chicken'

Would you eat a sssssssssssssssssslice?

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A new delicacy has slithered onto plates at a Florida restaurant – python pizza.

The swamp special at Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza also includes alligator sausage, frogs’ legs and pork.

The restaurant, in Fort Myers, has been serving snake for two years on the special “Everglades Pizza”.

Evan and Avis Daniell, the owners, came up with the unusual topping amid warnings that Burmese pythons were invading the national park, threatening local biodiversity.

“People talk about it all the time and whether it's negative or positive, it really doesn't matter because the fact is: we can make it and it's delicious,” said Mr Daniell, 52.

He insisted the python pizza was tasty, with the snake meat tasting like chicken “but a bit more chewy”.

It has become a bestseller at the restaurant. Mrs Daniell said customers were happy to pay $45 to try it “like a dare”.

It is currently illegal to hunt and kill pythons in Florida, where many are kept as pets, so the meat is imported.

Thousands of Burmese pythons have been invading the national park after apparently being released by owners and multiplying.

Sitting at the top of the food chain, they have no natural predators in Florida and can grow up to six metres long.

Additional reporting by AFP