Video: 'She's got quite the uterus!' - US TV anchor's comment about woman who had 69 children leaves weatherman in hysterics

Weatherman reduced to tears of laughter by bizarre comment...

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There's little as alarming to a live broadcaster as the prospect of corpsing - that is breaking into uncontrollable laughter mid-performance.

For weatherman, Joe Crain, who was about to present the forecast on the WICS news channel, it was a comment from his co-anchor, Natalie Sparacio, that reduced him to tears of laughter and left him unable to deliver the forecast.

Engaged in banter with Mr Crain during the 'Sunrise This Morning' segment, Natalie Sparacio recounted the story of a Russian woman who had 69 children.

She claimed the woman, who lived in the 17th century, had given birth to four sets of quadruplets, 16 pairs of twins and seven lots of triplets.

Mr Crain quipped that the woman was like the 'old woman who lived in a shoe', while Ms Sparacio commented, 'How is that even possible? It's crazy.'

The weatherman jokes, 'Let's leave it at that,' before Natalie Sparacio says: 'She's got quite the uterus, we'll just say that much.'

Mr Crain can be then heard laughing as the camera cuts to a weather map. His agony lasts for a minute or so as he attempts to deliver the forecast through his fits of giggles.

Fortunately, looking at the map it appeared to be a lovely day...