Video: Shopkeeper chases off masked gunman with a machete in New York deli


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In an act of either heroism or stupidity, a deli store worker in New York has fought off a masked gunman with a machete, after the thief attempted to rob his shop.

In CCTV footage from September, the armed robber can be seen entering the shop with a gun and oredering the shopkeeper to put money into a bag. The thief then fires a warning shot to the right of the man.

The deli worker appears to comply as he reaches under the counter, but instead of getting the money he pulls out a machete and proceeds to chase the thief out of the store.

The owner reportedly chased the man through the car park but he was unable to catch the thief. Police are still searching for the suspect, however the video will certainly make potential robbers think twice before trying to hold up this deli store in Long Island.