Video shows Los Angeles police shoot man after intense car chase

Man is seen trying to steal second car at gunpoint

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An armed carjacker ran riot near Los Angeles on Monday, driving the wrong way down freeways and forcing a woman out of her car at gunpoint. The man, who has yet to be identified, was only stopped when police shot him after he tried to commandeer another vehicle.

As often happens in Los Angeles, the car chase was shown on live television and cameras were rolling when as many as three officers opened fire on the suspect, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Video of the chase shows the carjacker weaving through traffic in the spotlight of a police helicopter on eastbound Interstate 60 in Montebello, California. When he gets stuck in traffic, he jumps out of his car and tries to jack another, before he gets run down by officers.

As of Monday night, the man was alive at the hospital, though his official condition was not known.


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