Video shows police in Dallas saving a driver trapped upside-down in a creek

Dallas police officers show what it means to protect and serve the public

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Dramatic video from the body camera of a policeman in Dallas shows the moment three officers rescued a man trapped upside-down in his car in a creek.

The rescue operation took place last Friday when officers arrived at the scene near Parkdale Park in the Texan city, after a driver who was travelling on Military Parkway sped off the road just past a curve, rolling down a steep hill and into a creek.

Officers of the Southeast Crime Response Team (CRT) Unit rushed down the embankment to find the car upside down in the creek with water gushing into the vehicle. The driver was still inside and trapped, his safety clearly in danger.

The video, shot from the body camera of one of the three officers, shows the team approaching the vehicle and seeing a man inside. They cry, "We're going to get you out of there," as they begin guiding the man safely out of the car. One uses a tire iron to break open a window.

"Back out, back out. Can you move?" a female officer shouts. "Come this way, put your legs straight out and back out."

"Keep coming, we got you bud," says another officer.

Dallas Police said the driver was not injured and did not need to be taken to hospital.

"It is a great feeling to help anyone. But at that point when it is happening you don't think about it. You are not doing anything anyone other person would not do. There were citizens sitting on the side of the road. They were wanting to get down there just as fast as we were," Officer Chris Cooley told the local NBC news station.

Video courtesy of Dallas Police.