Sebastian Reyes fell off a balcony on Saturday morning in the central Chilean city of Rancagua. The 23-year old incredibly survived the 40 metre drop despite landing on the roof of a parking unit and bouncing off a car.

Reyes was initially in critical condition but has since been released by the Rancagua Regional Hospital with fractures in his pelvis and femur.

The 23-year-old has told local media that he does not remember anything after falling from the balcony.

He spent the evening watching a Copa America football match, followed by a night out with friends. The group returned to the flat at around 6:30-7am on Saturday morning before Reyes lost his balance while sitting on the balcony.

On Thursday, Reyes made an emotional return to the flat - watch below.

In the video above, the lucky 23-year-old points to a tattoo on his arm which translates as 'God, don't abandon me'.