Video: Two-legged 'Fawn the Cow' takes first steps on prosthetic front legs

Fawn fell onto the concrete at birth fracturing her front leg

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A cow in the US will be mooooo-ving a lot more freely in the future after she was fitted with a pair of prosthetic limbs earlier this month.

Footage released by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, shows Fawn the Cow testing out her new prosthetic front legs in the snow at her new farm in upstate New York.

Fawn the two-year-old Jersey cow was born at a dairy farm in 2013 but during her birth fell onto concrete, severely fracturing her front leg. After being given to a family as a pet, a vet misdiagnosed Fawn and as a result, a large infection grew on her knee meaning it could not heal or grow properly.

With her front leg unable to support her body weight, Fawn began walking on her knees, further damaging her remaining front leg.

Cow-2.jpgFinally, it reached a stage where she could no longer walk or even stand.

Seemingly out of options, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary took Fawn to Cornell University Veterinary Centre where against all odds, one of the vets decided to operate.

After four months and a significant improvement in her health Fawn was fitted with two prosthetic legs in early March which she proudly stands on in the new video.