Video: US Coast Guard swims 200 metres to save dog stuck in icy waters

Officer Tim Putnam was in the water for over 20 minutes and had to break through sheets of ice to reach the stranded dog

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Dramatic footage shows the moment a brave US Coast Guard swam over 200 metres to save a dog that had become stuck in icy water in Michigan.

Officer Tim Puntnam was in the water for over 20 minutes and had to swim through sheets of thick ice to reach the stranded pup in Betsie Bay on Tuesday afternoon.

He eventually grabbed the dog before hauled him to the safety of the river’s edge. His colleague, Officer Jeremy Morris, jumped into the water for the final stages and assisted the, by this point freezing, Putnam in pulling the startled dog out of the water.

The Labrador was wrapped in a blanket by the officers and taken to a nearby animal shelter.

The shelter says the dog had no form of identification when it arrived and staff are now searching for the dog’s owner.

According to reports, the dog had jumped into Betsie Bay near the Frankfort Shipping Channel in the morning.

It was spotted first by Coast Guards during a meeting near the bay’s edge.