Video: Washington plays host to giant snowball fight

Heavy snowfall in Washington led to a number of its roads and federal offices being shut down

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Heavy snowfall might have closed Washington’s roads and shut down its federal offices yesterday, but it did little to dampen the spirits of those that live in the capital.

Instead of heading to work, hundreds of Washingtonians gathered in the capital’s Meridian Hill Park to have a massive snowball fight.

The fight organised by the DC Snowball Organisation saw people dressed in a variety of costumes from chickens and giraffes to Batman launching snowballs at one another. Despite the seeming chaos, there was some method to the madness, with two teams being pitted against each other in the snow scrap.

After an hour of fighting, both sides were told by Michael Lipin, the event’s organiser, to “cease fire”.

No winning team was announced but that didn’t seem to bother those involved.

One man dressed as Captain America said: “My first time was last year and that was a lot of fun, so I figured why not do it again this year, but just this time in costume.”