Video: WestJet Christmas miracle - Airline surprises passengers with festive stunt

Passengers were left startled when they were presented with Christmas gifts they had asked for before boarding a flight

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Christmas miracles really do exist and airline WestJet has proved it with a massive PR stunt that will warm the hearts of even the most cynical of Scrooges out there.

When passengers at Toronto Pearson International airport skyped Santa before boarding their flight, they didn’t think anything of it when he asked them what they wanted for Christmas.

But when they landed at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport in Ontario a surprise was waiting for them at the baggage claim carousel. Santa had delivered the goods, and dozens of presents were ready to be unwrapped.

Presents included a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, a snowboard and flights home for the holidays. Children in particular were delighted with the gifts, with one boy crying “no way!” upon opening his present to find the android tablet he had wished for.

One woman was moved to tears when she opened her present to find a camera, but the biggest surprise of all was for the Hughes family. Having expressed a wish for a “big TV” for Christmas, Santa gave them a 50 inch plasma screen. Not too shabby.

The presents meant it was smiles all round, although the man who asked for, and duly received, socks and underwear was probably regretting his choice.

A video of the stunt has gone viral with over 19 million views after it was uploaded onto YouTube earlier this week.