Video: Woman captures burglar red-handed using puppy cam


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A video has emerged that shows the moment a would-be burglar was caught red-handed by a camera set-up so that the homeowner could watch her dogs.

The homeowner named only as Mia, was watching her two dogs on a puppy cam on the 23 December when she saw the man enter her house in Tempe, Arizona.

Mia was alerted at work that her dogs had been barking for over 20 minutes through an iPhone app called Manything and decided to check in on her dogs through the live feed.

On picking up her phone, Mia was shocked to discover that there was an unidentified man in her home, feeding her dogs and rummaging through her possessions. Speaking to the press, Mia said: "My dogs are there, he was giving my dogs treats.

"I was freaking out."

Mia quickly phoned the Tempe Police, who sent out a response team to surround the house.

The would-be thief, 22-year-old Aaron White, eventually gave himself up when police entered the property and was subsequently taken into custody.

Police believe that he could be involved with a number of other burglaries in the areas.

Apeaking after White’s arrest, Tempe Police Lt. Scott Smith said: "The planets aligned in this one. We couldn't have asked for anything more in terms of getting real-time intelligence and reporting to us so that we could bring the appropriate resources, we could respond appropriately and safely, we could lock the neighborhood down."