Video: Young boy and uncle sucked 20ft down storm drain in Brazil


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An incredible video shows the moment a nine-year-old boy was sucked down a storm drain as he and his friends and family tried to unblock it.

In the footage, the group men and the boy are filmed laughing and joking as they attempt to lift leaves from the blocked drain near their town in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Within seconds though, the boy is sucked under the murky water and down the hole.

As the others try to pull the nine-year-old back, the boy’s uncle slips and follows his nephew under the water.

Members of the boy’s family can be heard screaming from the bank of the reservoir, as they rush to try and help the boy and his uncle.

After a couple of tense seconds, the boy does reappear, but incredibly not from the hole that he fell through but another opening 20ft away.

Despite the near death experience, the nine-year-old exits the drain triumphantly, laughing with his arms held above his head.

His uncle soon follows the boy out of the drain unscathed but looking a lot more shaken up by the incident.