Vlogger who lost 160 pounds in 19 months shows impact of rapid weight loss on skin


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The benefits of weight loss are numerous, providing a massive boost to a person’s health and well-being.

However, one aspect of weight loss that is less talked about is what happens to someone’s skin when they lose such a large amount of weight in a relatively short space of time.

Youtube vlogger John David Glaude has attempted to draw attention to this issue with a video in which he strips off to show the impact his rapid weight loss has had on his skin.

In the space of 19 months, Glaude lost a staggering 160 pounds, taking him from a “morbidly obese” high school kid, to a muscular 21-year-old.

The results have been phenomenal; however, the rapid weight-loss has left Glaude with layers of excess skin.

In the video released by Glaude on his Youtube channel Obese to Beast, viewers are given an intimate insight into not only what extreme excess skin looks like, but also the impact this can have on a person’s confidence.


Beginning the video, Glaude says: “Being really, really overweight you're obviously very self-conscious about how you look and you're self-conscious about how people see you. Losing the weight, I'm not as self-conscious at all, when i'm clothed, when I have a layer over my skin

“Doing what I am about to do is still something that I'm not completely comfortable with

“However, I decided since I’m not that comfortable being unclothed, I should show you guys me unclothed.”

Glaude then takes off his vest to reveal the extent of his excess skin.

Moving from head-to-toe, Glaude talks through every aspect of his body, from the "large amount of loose skin on his arms", to his stomach, where there is so much skin that he has to tuck into his waistband to feel comfortable.

Nevertheless, despite Glaude admitting that his skin situation is “not ideal”, Glaude says his reason for making the video was to encourage those that were in the same position as him to not let loose skin stop them from losing weight.

He says: “Losing all of that weight I would have wanted the perfect body, right? But that is not the case, and that is ok”

 “I made this video to show people that they should not let loose skin, or anything else, stop you from achieving your dreams.

My dreams are to be happy in my skin, and I am. Loose skin and all.”

The video that was uploaded to Youtube on 8 November has since gone viral, with over 3 million users watching the video in just under a week.