Walter Scott shooting: Police dash-cam video of victim fleeing from officer Michael Slager revealed

Video shows victim being pulled over in a traffic stop

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Video footage from the dash-cam of the police officer who shot and killed unarmed black man Walter Scott shows the victim fleeing his vehicle - but does not appear to show the actual shooting.

Authorities in South Carolina released the footage that shows North Charleston officer Michael Slager pulling behind the vehicle of Mr Scott, 50, who was in a dark green Mercedes, getting out and asking him him several questions. Another person, said to be a work colleague of Mr Scott's, is in the front passenger seat.

The officer said he wanted to question Mr Scott about a brake light that was not working - something Mr Scott's family has questioned as they believe the lights were working. On the crackly audio of the footage, released by the the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, an independent state organisation that is investigating the case, Mr Slager can be heard asking him for his documents and about the ownership of the car.

Mr Scott says told he does not have the registration details. He tells the policeman that he is in the process of buying the car.

"Did you already buy it," the officer can be heard asking him.

"No, not yet," Mr Scott replies.

Walter Scott was a Coast Guard veteran and recently engaged to be married (ABC)

"Right, I will be right back with you," says Mr Slager, who then returns to his police car.

Twenty seconds later, Mr Scott can be seen getting out of the car, only to be told to get back in. About 15 seconds later, Mr Scott can be seen getting out his car and running away from the scene.

The passenger in the front seat of Mr Scott's Mercedes, who has not yet been identified, remains in the car.

Brothers of Walter Scott, Rodney Scott Anthony Scott appear at a news conference in Charleston after the shooting (AP)

On Thursday night, supporters of Mr Scott said that while the footage added something to the overall picture of what happened, it did contain anything that suggested the officer was justified in shooting him in the back.

"The video does not show any new light," Marc Morial of the National Urban League, an organisation that campaigns on behalf of black American citizens, told CNN.

"It does not show any reason for Mr Scott to be shot in the back."

Chris Stewart, a lawyer for the family of Mr Scott, said he believed Mr Scott ran away because he had outstanding warrants for failing to pay child support - charges that could have seen him sent to jail.

"Why would he shoot an older man who was running away....It is sickening," he added.

Subsequent clips of footage released by the authorities showed a second police officer in the car getting out and speaking to the passenger. The police man frisks the man, who is also black, and then escorts him away.