Wanted criminal, Roger Ray Ireland, caught by police after commenting 'Yall will never catch me' on police Facebook

Facebook users tagged Ireland's family in the post

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A man who was on the run from the police in the US state of Maryland was caught after he taunted officers on the force's Facebook page.

Two weeks ago, Anne Arundel County Police Department began using the social media website to post photos of people with outstanding arrest warrants, alongside their alleged offence, and personal information.

On 23 July, the force had shared a poster of Roger Ray Ireland, who was last seen in the Glen Burnie area of the county, and was suspected of violating his probation.

The 28-year-old recognised himself on the department’s page, and mockingly wrote:  “Yall will never catch me.”

But commenters then began tagging members of Ireland’s family on the thread, to which Ireland responded: “Yo all yall people tagging my hole [sic] family bout [sic] my bi (business) stay tha [sic] [expletive] out my [expletive].”

Another Facebook user wrote below: "Wait what?? Isn’t that him right above my comment? … Dude, Roger, it seems like you have kids and/or one of the way. Do the right thing for your kids and take care of this offense. It will only be that much faster to get it over and done with…What if your own kids see this???"

Using information from community members and other leads, detectives found Ireland in south Baltimore, near the Anne Arundel County line a day after his comment. He was charged with violating his probation, ABC reported.

Anne Arundel County police spokesman, Lt. T.J. Smith, told the broadcaster that Ireland had failed to report, or missed a meeting, as was laid out in the terms of his probation.

“We encourage anyone with outstanding warrants to continue following us on Facebook,” Smith joked.