Watch a brawl break out between two rival groups of Mexican firemen

And then the police get involved...

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Two rival Mexican fire brigades arrived to fight the same blaze, but ended up sparking up a brawl instead – and then the police joined in.

According to footage posted on social media, firemen from both Mexico's Heroic and Ceda Fire Departments were called to extinguish the same brush fire, but instead of dealing with the situation upon arriving at the scene, they began fighting with each other over who should take control.

According to the man who captured the footage, Atanasio Rivas Matos, 25: “One of the groups of firemen started spraying the other group with water, who retaliated by throwing bricks at them.”


The police then arrived to diffuse the situation, but as they tried to separate them, the fighting firemen turned on their emergency service allies and began punching the police officers. Then even more police were called to the scene and became embroiled in the fracas.

“It was like something out of a very bad comedy,” according to Mr Matos.

A spokesman for the council said: 'This was appalling behaviour from those we employ to safeguard the city.

"Instead of behaving like public officials they behaved like children in a playground.”