Watch a timelapse of the US Capitol dome restoration

Video: The iconic dome in Washington, DC. is to be covered for the next year as major restoration work takes place

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Timelapse video has been released of the dome of the US Capitol Bulding - one of the USA's most iconic sites - becoming surrounded by scaffolding as part of a multi-year restoration project.

Now that the scaffolding around the dome in Washington, DC. is complete, the restoration work can begin. Due to age and weather, the cast iron dome has over 1,000 cracks and structural deficiencies.

According to Architect of the Capitol, 1.1 million lbs of scaffolding are needed to help restore the dome to its original glory with 720 LED lights to help construction workers continue through the night.

The repairs are urgently needed as they are concerns that the dome could soon begin to leak and damage the interior of the Capitol, where both the House of Representatives and the Senate sit.

The Capitol's dome has not undergone major renovation for over fifty years and this project will include the removal of old paint, repairs to the cast iron and repainting.

The dome was built between 1855 and 1866. The exterior restoration of the dome is due to be completed in the winter of 2015, with further renovation of the interior to continue through into 2016.