Watch amazing footage of volcano eruption in Mexico

The Colima Volcano is the most active in Mexico and North America

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This is the moment a huge plume of ash burst out of a volcano in Mexico, sending a cloud of smoke soaring into the air.

A webcam focused on the Colima Volcano captured the massive eruption which happened on Sunday. In the footage ash and gas can be seen spewing into the sky, reaching heights of around 2,000 metres.

The volcano is on the west coast of the country and is one of the most active volcanoes in both Mexico and North America.

The volcano, which is also known as “fire volcano”, has received much attention from scientists and geologists due to its constant state of activity.

It has already erupted several times this year, there were at least three instances in January and in one case ash landed in towns over 15 miles away.

Since 1585 it has had 30 periods of eruptions but luckily the latest eruption is considered to be non-threatening.

Nevertheless the surrounding area has been put on yellow alert, with people ready to evacuate should the eruption become more severe.