Watch gorilla transfixed by pictures on young man’s iPhone

A primate in a Kentucky zoo appears mesmerised by photos on a zoo goer’s phone
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It seems that we’re not the only ones addicted to technology. Footage uploaded to YouTube shows a gorilla at Louisville Zoo in Kentucky completely transfixed by pictures on a young man’s iPhone.

Watch the video below.

The footage shows a young man sitting next to a gorilla named Jelaini, separated by safety glass.

He holds his phone up to the gorilla and proceeds to show it pictures of other gorillas; with Jelaini appearing intrigued throughout.

Later on, the young man leans against the safety glass to give Jelaini a better perspective and the gorilla amazingly imitates the movements of the young man.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday and it has already been viewed over 500,000 times.