Watch man get buried alive in avalanche in Canada

The skier had a lucky escape, only sustaining minor injuries

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If you’re planning on catching some powder, this video could make you change your mind.

This is the moment a man was buried alive by an avalanche during a trip to the mountains in Revelstoke, Canada.

In the video, the man seems to start off fine as he makes his descent down the side of a mountain. But suddenly he appears to lose control and start sliding down the snow, gaining speed as he falls.

The skier can be heard yelling for help as snow starts to fall on top of him while he rolls. When he finally manages to stop, he can be seen buried under a thick layer of snow.

The terrifying footage was captured on the man’s helmet cam and shows exactly what the skier sees as he plunges down the snow-covered mountain.

Video courtesy of Newsflare

Luckily, the skier sustained only minor injuries during his accident which happened last month. He later wrote, “pulled my shoulder slightly, lost a pole, best, worst case scenario for sure”.