Watch: Nazi-themed dance routine at Mexico high school draws heavy criticism online

Locals blame organisers, saying the girls 'probably didn’t know much about the Nazis'

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A dance team has come under heavy fire after a video surfaced online showing the young girls perform in a Nazi-themed dance routine at a cheer-dance competition in Mexico.

Dressed in pseudo-military outfits and wearing red armbands, about two dozen girls – aged between 10 to 16 – wave and display flags emblazoned with swastikas, with one girl throwing a Nazi salute to the crowd at the end.

Also including one boy, the contest was held in the western city of Guadalajara at the end of May.

Locals took to news sites to blamed the event’s organisers – as well as the team’s choreographer – for the controversial routine, saying the girls probably didn’t know much about the Nazis.

The event’s organiser, Enrique Casas, refused to identify the team, citing security reasons, because the comments on social media sites “have been a little aggressive,” he said.

He added: “The comments have gone beyond freedom of expression and have included direct insults against the girls.”

The Nazi Party of Germany is said to have methodically massacred approximately 11 million people, from various targeted groups, between 1941 and 1945 in the worst genocide in history.