Watch #‎PizzaRat‬: video of determined New York rodent dragging giant slice of pizza goes viral

The video was uploaded on Monday

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Why, you might ask, should a brief clip of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the steps of the New York subway capture everyone’s imagination?

It’s not as though it’s especially remarkable. There are lots of rats in the city, and there are similarly lots of slices of pizza. And it’s not as if New York’s subway is anything other than decidedly grubby.

Lots of people had a theory about the clip, uploaded by YouTube user Matt Little. Some of them were rather clever.

Some felt it worked as a metaphor for life in the straining city of 10m and the need to hustle and struggle just to make it every day.

Lots of people enjoyed the rat’s determination, the pizza slice almost twice its size. Others empathised with the way it eventually gave up, overcome come by the task.