Watch the latest Jimmy Kimmel version of 'I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy'

Video: For the fourth year in a row, comedian Jimmy Kimmel made parents across the USA risk the wrath of their children at Hallowe'en

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Once again, comedian Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents in the USA to pretend they ate all their children's Halloween candy - and film their kids' reactions.

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live has been running the prank for the last four years now, with the show receiving thousands of videos from parents hoping their children's reaction makes it into Kimmel's final cut.

There are the usual tempter tantrums from various sweet-toothed kids - one young boy turns away from his mother and utters the rather hyperbolic phrase, "You ruined my life" while another girl falls back into her bed and begins to kick and scream in candyless agony. 

Yet the greatest thing about Kimmel's collection of videos is the variation in the reactions and arguably what it says about the character of both the child and the parents who raised them.

One inquisitive child asks his parent "All of it? Every single bite?" when told of their eating misdemeanour before stating, "You must have a belly ache".

When one mother says that the reason she ate all the candy was because she was hungry, her unimpressed daughter quips, "Eat an apple!"

One daughter seems exasperated that her warnings to her parents are never heeded: " I told you not to! You can never listen about candy!"

Perhaps the most adorable - and evidently a great advert for good parenting - is the young girl who simply replies, "We'll get some more next time."